Get Fit The Fun Way! Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes are considered the World’s lowest impact athletic shoes on the market today!

The revolutionary concept of Kangoo Jumps shoes allows total freedom of movement. Easily transportable, they are usually referred to as a gym in a bag, as they satisfy all requirements for a full body workout making training fun and enjoyable.

Cardiovascular exercise is necessary to improve your heart health and maintain a healthy weight. However, actually doing cardio can be difficult. You often feel like you are going to die and it can be so boring slogging through a treadmill or elliptical session in the gym. Hitting the pavement for a run can be more exciting but it takes a lot of time and can be hard on your joints. If you are recovering from an injury, looking to take your workouts up a notch, or just want more fun in your exercise routine, then Kangoo Jumps might be for you.

The XR3 Kangoo Jumps are mobile rebound shoes that have a springy platform attached to the bottom. Every step you take is like walking on a trampoline. Remember those bouncy moon shoes from when you were a kid? The Kangoo Jumps are like those but for adults. (Although kids ages 6 and up can use them too.) They are made for people who want to take their workouts to the next level, but also want to have fun while they sweat. Kangoo Jumps may sound a little crazy, but these shoes offer some great health benefits.

Kangoo Jumps XR3 Special Edition

  • Reduces impact on joints & muscles by up to 80%
  • Burn twice the calories in half the time
  • Are appropriate for all fitness levels and ages
  • Will improve core stability, posture, and balance
  • Weight limit: under 200lbs

The shoes provide a safe and effective method for muscular development and well-rounded health. Adaptable to multiple sports applications as a cross-training tool, they can be used for any activity on any sneaker-friendly surface for running, jogging, martial arts, boxing, dancing, sport specific conditioning, aerobics, unstable muscle conditioning exercise, circuit training, interval training, plyometric training and rehabilitation.

This versatile high-quality Swiss designed product is easy to use for anybody, any age from 6 to 92 years-old, anywhere, anytime and for any fitness level.


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