Ivana Ciabatti – Gold Experience – Exclusive Gift Box – Liquors Line – Gourmet Line – Limited Edition – Liqueurs and Spirits

The Gold Experience – Exclusive Gift Box contains: The Vodka 70 cl, The Gin 70 cl, Elisir Aureo, Elisir Anima, The Chocolate.

Ivana Ciabatti – The Gold Experience with exclusive discount code: W3ZURHV1

Gold Experience – Exclusive Gift Box contains:

The Vodka 70 cl

The Gin 70 cl

Elisir Aureo

Elisir Anima

The Chocolate

The Gin Limited – A Refined Taste, An Expression of Personality

The secret of this gin lies in the choice of juniper berries and plants from the same Ivana Ciabatti house, located on a gentle slope immersed in the heart of Tuscany. This gin, whether it is drunk neat or used as an ingredient in an exclusive cocktail, enchants the senses with the splendour of the edible gold leaf and the particular spicy note of the ten plants.

An authentic, refined, characterful Tuscan liqueur. This gin, from Ivana Ciabatti’s line of liqueurs, is a limited edition product; every bottle has a serial number and is reserved for connoisseurs of refined, luxury liqueurs. The blown glass bottle and stopper are in beautifully finished craft Murano glass.


Gin-based liqueur prepared with 100% Tuscan cereals, embellished with edible gold leaf. Water, Alcohol, Sugar, Juniper, Pepper, Cardamom, Cumin, Bitter Orange, Iris, Salvia Sclarea, Angelica Root, Melissa, Roman Wormwood.


Ivana Ciabatti’s gin is perfect with ice, tonic water or in a Dirty Gin martini.

Production Notes

Ivana Ciabatti’s gin is particular in that it is soft and complex at the same time, obtained from the careful processing of 100% Tuscan cereals, flavoured with carefully selected aromatic herbs and juniper berries.

Masterpieces of Artisan Production

Limited Edition gin is a masterpiece of artisan production and Italian craftsmanship. Fire, art and master craftsmanship have created an elegant line of blown glass bottles and refined stoppers in Murano glass. Experience, dexterity and creativity are the tools used by these skilled craftsmen.

A Black Box Full of Light

The bottle in blown glass fits perfectly into an elegant, linear black and gold box, the guardian of a luxurious experience waiting to be discovered.


Limited Edition | 70 cl | 42.5 %

The Vodka Limited – Harmonious and Rounded, Agreeable and Balanced

Very pure Tuscan water, 100 % Tuscan cereals and natural flavours make Ivana Ciabatti’s Limited Edition vodka special. Ivana Ciabatti has put her edible gold on this stylistically and technically perfect luxury product, with its slightly fruity note, to denote its absolute excellence.

Pure and balanced, it is perfect to be enjoyed either neat or as a base for cocktails. Liqueur Line vodka is a limited edition product. Every bottle has a serial number and is appreciated by connoisseurs of the most select liqueurs.


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