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Sea-buckthorn grows in Tuscany, where the light and heat is perfect for the development of the berries’ rich vitamin complexes. In fact, this small orange fruit is full of precious juice with high levels of vitamin C, more than citrus fruit and kiwis, which energizes and heals and is widely used in medicine and the cosmetics industry. Ivana Ciabatti makes an amazing.

Ivana Ciabatti – The Gold Experience

The luxury Ivana Ciabatti brand has a unique character; it is an expression of quality and Italian excellence. Inspired by a love for the splendour and cultural renewal typical of the Renaissance, Ivana Ciabatti selects the best Italian craft products, made by skilled traditional artisans. Ivana Ciabatti has created a line of unique products embellished with edible gold leaf, illuminating contemporary luxury and travelling between beauty and emotions along the path of ethics and social responsibility.

Elisir Aureo – An Invigorating, Energizing and Spicy Elixir

Ivana Ciabatti makes an amazing, versatile and pleasant tasting golden liqueur. Elisir Aureo is a stunning liqueur, made even more unique with edible gold leaf.


The design of the bottle draws inspiration from the ampoules used by Renaissance alchemists and is realized thanks to the wisdom and dexterity of the master craftsmen who made it.

This elixir’s bottle is made in a small artisan glassworks that draws inspiration from the ampoules used by Renaissance alchemists.


Alcohol, sugar, natural flavourings, sea-buckthorn juice, added 0.01 % gold, E175 colouring.


Perfect as an aperitif or digestive, this refined elixir is excellent with desserts and alluring sweet dishes.

Masterpieces of Artisan Production

The bottle in blown borosilicate glass is an expression of precise Tuscan craftsmanship, realized in a small artisan glassworks; it is synonymous with elegance and refinement, inspired by the beauty of the Renaissance. Fire, art and the imagination of expert masters give life to the blown glass bottles.

A Black Box Full of Light

The bottle in blown glass fits perfectly into an elegant, linear black box with gold detail, the guardian of a luxurious experience to be discovered.


Limited Edition | 20 cl | 21 %


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