Italia Independent Sunglasses – Gianluca Vacchi – Black Velvet

Italia Independent sunglasse are entirely made with the utmost care, and with the use of cellulose acetate of the highest quality. All stages of production are treated in detail. Italia Independent mounts high quality lenses, which give a high optical precision and resistance. Official Velvet Effect model used by Gianluca Vacchi.

Italia Independent – Made in Italy 2.0

Italia Independent – Velvet 0090V – Velvet Effect – Gianluca Vacchi

Italia Independent eyeglass frames are made of innovative materials that are light and resistant to lightness.

Velvet Effect Treatment

Sunglasses with Velvet Effect treatment. Italia Independent was the first company in the world to introduce the velvet effect in eyewear, starting from a surface treatment already used in the automotive sector, called UV Lux ®. This innovation has allowed the Brand to affirm its notoriety, fed by the continuous research of innovative, unconventional technologies, then applied to its products.

This type of finish, which gave birth to the product family called I-V, has recently been the subject of attempts at imitation by prestigious brands, initially skeptical about its use. The process for obtaining the velvet effect is obtained by orientating and projecting particular natural fibers against surfaces coated with adhesive material.

The energy needed to orient and accelerate the fiber and make it penetrate into the glued layer is provided by an electrostatic field that is generated between the metering unit and the surface to be covered. Plus versions have an increased effect; the bicolor versions instead combine two different colors on the same surface of the fronts.

Technology awarded as innovation of the year by MIT Review Italy in May 2014.







Frame Color


Lens Color

Gradient gray


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