Inflatable Outdoor and Indoor Theater Projector Screen

Inflatable Movie Projector Screen Perfect for Outdoor or Indoor Entertaining

We believe entertaining doesn’t always have to be such a fuss – whether it’s a casual gathering of friends to watch the game or a big birthday bash for your kids – and it’s important to keep things fun and simple! That’s why we created our inflatable movie projector screen in sizes to work in any outdoor or indoor setting. It’s the perfect addition to any social event.

Portable projection screen weighing only 18 lbs/9kg which can be used with any projector and speakers for a premium outdoors cinema & television theater system experience

Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen Package (16ft) or (19ft)?

Portable Blow Up Backyard Outdoors Projector Screens – Prime or Kids Movies

Easy Setup & Take Down

Roll it out, connect the fan and stake it down. The frame inflates in 2 minutes with a quiet fan included in this kit. It’s equipped with extra strong and reinforced loops on each corner to make it easy to stake it down and keep the screen grounded and upright. And take-down is a breeze with quick deflating.

Strong Frame, Blower, Pegs, Popcorn Bags by Holiday Styling


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