InfinityBall Vibrating Massage Ball

InfinityBall 4-Speed Vibrating Massage Ball – Lacrosse Balls Meet a Vibration Foam Roller!

High Intensity for Recovery, Mobility, Pliability Training & Deep Tissue Sports Therapy

  • SAY GOODBYE TO SORE MUSCLES: If you use foam rollers or lacrosse balls to recover, you are going to love the InfinityBall. Its two vibrating spheres dig in deep and allow you to work on your neck, back, legs, and more.
  • CHOOSE FROM 4 INTENSITY LEVELS: The InfinityBall has 4 speeds (Low, Medium, High, and Pulse). Whether you just crushed a Crossfit WOD, are sore from a gym workout, or ran a marathon, we’ve got the right level for you to optimally release tension and rejuvenate your muscles.
  • TRUSTED BY NBA, NFL, AND MLB ATHLETES: From the makers of the NextRoller vibrating foam roller, the InfinityBall is used by the pros to recover quickly, rehab from injuries, and perform at an elite level.
  • PERFORM AND FEEL YOUR BEST: Our dual vibrating ball is loved by athletes, yogis, runners, martial artists, powerlifters, and anyone looking to reach their peak physical fitness.


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