Hublot Limited Edition Sang Blue One Click Gold Blue Diamonds Watch

FROM MICRO-COMPONENTS TO A FINISHED WATCH, EVERY DETAIL COUNTS WHEN ASSEMBLING A HUBLOT WATCH. Within the walls of Hublot’s vast manufacture, one can witness the most traditional of watchmaking crafts being employed alongside state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, a veritable fusion between the traditional and the cutting-edge. Hublot’s in-house developed and manufactured Unico movement for example is hand-assembled from over 300 individual components.

Matte and Satin-finished Blue Polished Octagonal Skeleton Hands Designed by Maxime Buchi

  • Black Rubber and Blue Shiny Calf Straps Embossed Design by Maxime Buchi
  • HUB1710 Self-winding Movement
  • Limited Edition

Typically, a watchmaker receives a kit with all the necessary pieces from the production ateliers and then assembles them in the batches of around 25 movements simultaneously. While most of the movement’s parts are hand-assembled, Hublot also relies on technologically advanced automated and semi-automated high-tech method for certain tasks, such as setting the rubies into the plates and bridges as well as applying precise amount of lubricant oil. Once the movements are complete, the final watches are hand-assembled by watchmakers based on function.


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