HP Z VR Backpack – World’s Most Powerful Wearable VR PC

HP Z VR Backpack PC: Wearable Workstation with i7 vPro Processor

The HP Z VR Backpack PC is ideal for product development, employee training, walk-through simulations, immersive customer experiences, and so much more.

Design and test at the speed of innovation

Take your wildest dreams to the next level with the HP Z VR Backpack PC. This wearable lets you cut the cord while you head out on your virtual reality adventures. Resting on your back, this backpack PC stays in place with comfortable straps. By keeping everything in one place, you can move freely without the worry of tangling cords. In addition, it features a swappable battery system so you can stay powered up for as long as you need. With HMD compatibility, you can select your favorite VR headset. It works with HTC Vive, BE, and, of course, the HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset. The Z VR Backpack uses an Intel Core i7 vPro processor. Even with all of this power, the Z VR Backpack weighs just 10 lbs. It’s easy to take anywhere.

HP Z VR BP G1 I7/2.9 4C 32GB 1TB W10P 64 :

Description: 1 Processor Support – 32 GB RAM Support – Wireless LAN – Serial ATA Controller – DisplayPort – HDMI – 5 x Total USB Ports – USB Type-C – 330 W


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