Harber Super Slim Card Holder with RFID Protection

Super Slim Card Holder with RFID Protection, providing protection against credit card and ID theft.

Carry your cards in style and stay secure thanks to RFID protection with the Harber London Super Slim Card Holder. Made from premium veg-tanned leather, this beautiful little wallet is the perfect size for your pocket. You can fit 15+ Cards in the main compartment, so there’s plenty of room for work passes and your driver’s license. Despite its impressive capacity, this card holder is remarkably slim. On the back, a quick-draw pocket provides instant access to your favorite credit card. You simply pull the leather tab to eject the card from its secure home. Created by hand in Spain, the card holder also offers RFID protection. This means that no-one can skim your credit cards electronically. The card holder is available in two styles: tan and black.

The main compartment can store over 15 cards inside, all protected with RFID blocking and surrounded by premium vegetable tanned leather.

Quickdraw back pocket.

The slim rfid card holder has a quickdraw pocket that allows you to easily access your most used card.


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