Hand Massage for Fingers Strain/Numbness Relief and Blood Circulation Acceleration

Breo iPalm520 Electric Acupressure Palm Hand Massage with Air Pressure Heat Compress and LCD Display, Massager for Fingers Strain/Numbness Relief and Blood Circulation Acceleration

iPalm520 Hand Massager is designed on the basis of traditional Chinese Medical Science

Meridian Acupoint Massage theory. It has been proved in thousands years of Chinese Medicine practice that meridians distribute in human body and frequent massages to the acupoints of the meridians can make positive influence to our health.

As the old saying goes, “Hand is the second brain”, “Palm is the window of human body”. Meridians link internal organs with the palm, which makes the palm the reflection zone of the health status of the organs. Regular and proper stimulus to the palm can benefit our internal organs in a long run.

Our iPalm520 Hand Massager innovatively applies the Air Pressure and Heat compression technology to knead the entire hand and accurately stimulate the acupoints with waving rhythm, which helps to accelerate the blood circulation and relieve the hand/fingers pain, numbness and stiffness.


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