Futuristic 4×4 Fly-Drive Vehicle by AVX Aircraft Company

AVX flying-car concept – the Vertical Takeoff and Landing SUV

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has announced that they are looking for a tactical fly-drive vehicle designs or known as Transformer (TX). They have clearly stated that the objective of the program is “to demonstrate a four person flyable/roadble vehicle that provides warfighter terrain — independent mobility”. AVX Aircraft Company has submitted their futuristic 4×4 fly-drive vehicle design proposal. This aircraft can carry up to 4 full-equipped soldiers to travel 250 miles by land or air just on a single tank of fuel. It is especially designed for use in Iraq and Afghanistan where soldiers face danger all the time from roadside bombs or any explosive devices. This vehicle will be better protection for soldiers to travel between base to base.

AVX Aircraft Company has responded to a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) seeking designs for a tactical fly-drive vehicle known as the Transformer (TX).The DARPA stated objective of the program is “to demonstrate a four (4) person flyable/roadable vehicle that provides the warfighter terrain-independent mobility. This presents unprecedented capability to avoid traditional and asymmetrical threats while avoiding road obstructions.”

AVX Aircraft Company President and Chief Engineer Troy Gaffey commented on the proposal saying; “The ability of AVX Aircraft to respond to this proposal demonstrates the versatility of the AVX configuration. The design is very adaptable and can be configured for many different size and types of vehicles. The efficiency of the AVX design provides flexibility and performance to support both ground and aerial movement required for the TX design.”


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