FOREO LUNA fofo Smart Facial Cleansing Brush and Skin Analyzer

FOREO LUNA fofo Smart Facial Cleansing Brush and Skin Analyzer

Your Smart Beauty Coach

LUNA fofo is a smart facial cleansing brush that uses advanced skin sensors to analyze skin conditions and moisture levels in each zone of the face to create a personalized skin profile sent straight to the FOREO app for an optimized cleanse. The app generates a made-to-measure cleansing routine that is gentle and effective for all skin types and reveals radiant skin.

Get Smart About Your Skin

Take control of your skin and learn how changes in climate and hydration affect the complexion with LUNA fofo smart device. After every 360-degree skin analysis, the FOREO app shares new insights such as moisture index by zone, skin type and age, and overall complexion.

How Smart Cleansing Works

Using skin sensors and LUNA fofo’s sophisticated algorithm, the device registers readings and send them to the FOREO app via Bluetooth.The app then interprets data results for you and generates a tailored skincare program automatically synced back to the device.

Analyse Your Skin in Seconds

Designed to retrieve skin data without irritating it, dual 24k gold-plated sensors embedded in the silicone device body quickly analyze main facial zones and deliver the results to your phone screen for an overview in the palm of your hand you can access anytime.

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The FOREO For You app unlocks all the key features of LUNA fofo, enabling you to interact with this revolutionary smart facial brush in ways you never thought possible! Its advanced sensors analyze your main facial zones and measure hydration, helping you track your skin health on a daily basis with an easy-to-read overview. The app also puts you in control of cleansing: with a single tap, the brush is loaded with a tailor-made, gentle cleansing program that’s unique to your skin profile.


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