Food Prep is More Fun With Origami

Food Prep is More Fun With Origami

A 2018 Red Dot Concept Award winner, the GAMI cutting board might just be the most versatile of its kind. Inspired by origami (get it, GAMI?!), this practical design goes beyond folding down into a compact size that’s easy to store and carry.

In just three simple steps, it breaks down into a handy knife cover that folds around the blade to protect it (and anyone or anything that it comes in contact with). Embedded magnets ensure that both the knife and folded unit stay secure even when transporting. Ideal for compact kitchen spaces, it’s even better for mobile chefs or anyone who enjoys taking their cooking skills on the road while camping or traveling!

Designers: Seonggyu Simon Choi, Jeonghoon Mark Kim, Kyunho Aiden Kim, Park Gwan U, Jason Washamgami_01



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