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Merging the words fly, light, and the Swedish word for flow, Flyte creates luminous spectacles that combine the wonders of magnetic levitation with wireless power. A lifelong passion that finally got off the ground, Flyte’s collection of gravity-defying products are a testament to lofty design.

Flyte Lyfe Planter

LYFE magnet

This is where the magic happens. Our custom shaped LYFE magnet pushes up against an electromagnetic base, causing the planter to levitate in mid-air, lifting your LYFE to new dimensions.

LYFE and Air plants

Identified by the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus, Air Plants (Tillandsia) are plants that grow in the air. Air plants thrive upon the circulation of airborne particles; with no soil required, our gravity-defying and rotating microclimate naturally nurtures.

  • Discover the magic of this levitating Lyfe jar from Flyte.
  • This 12-sided vase is made of silicone, which makes it easy to handle and very pleasant to the touch.
  • The base is made from cut oak with an ash wood finish, offering style and beautiful appearance.
  • To avoid excess water, an ultra discreet inner tank can be used to drain the extra liquid.
  • Designed to give a slow 360° rotation, providing uniform exposure to light on each side of the plant.


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