Fatboy RNR-BLK Rock ‘n Roll Beanbag Chair Frame

Good news for everyone: from now on you can easily change your Fat boy original into a rocking chair. The rock ‘polypropylene roll is here to swing you gently. Since the introduction Of the original bean bag in 1998, fat boy served hundreds of thousands of people with an attractive seater that grew out to become a lifestyle icon. That makes it about time to place the original bean bag on a pedestal by turning it into a great rocking chair. Rock ‘polypropylene roll combines Fat boy’s simplicity with ultimate comfort thanks to a firm and clever webbing, attached to a solid frame.

  • Easy to assemble/disassemble
  • Anti-slip layer
  • Water resistant
  • Steady Seat with rock blocker
  • 8 webbings

Simply put your original on top, and voilà: a giant, commodious rocking chair is at your disposal. All originals match with the rock ‘polypropylene roll, so no color within the Collection is excluded. All that matters is to lay back and put a little rock ’polypropylene roll in your life. The rock ’polypropylene roll is dismounted in a snap and comes with a solid rock blocker that steadies your seat when preferred.


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