Electric Travel Suitcase Bike, Foldable Smart Luggage Car for Airport and School

Innovation design,Integrated the travel suitcase and bike scooter together. Suit for business man on airport and students

Electric Travel Suitcase Bike,Foldable Electric Smart Luggage Car for Airport and School, Carrying 90KG

  • Standard 185wh battery, the actual cruising range test is 10-12 km/h or so (the battery cruising range is affected by many factores: the rider’s weight, road conditions, riding speed, specific riding operation, ambient temperature, etc.).Particularly suitable for airports, stations and schools to make your trip more convenient.
  • Aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame: imported PC+ABS material, three-layer composite compression structure, aluminum alloy frame, easy to withstand the weight of 90 kg.
  • The fastest speed of Suitcase is 10km/h, and the speed is faster than walking. (Please don’t think that the speed is too slow. This is a safety consideration that takes into account the use scene of the Suitcase trunk car, the speed of the small tricycle is too fast, and it is easy to roll over.Reasonable speed).
  • 2 in 1: When travelling, you can use it as a carrying case.
  • Features: Riding, Boarding, LED Screen, Cool Lights, Bluetooth Speaker, External USB Charging Port, International TSA Customs Password Lock, Replaceable Battery etc.
  • 185wh standard original battery, 10-12km/h or so, another gift 74wh on-board battery, makes your trip more convenient.
  • Service: If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us, we will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours.


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