Electric Smart Follow Luggage with Fingerprint Unlock Travel Boarding Suitcase

Electric smart follows the suitcase, the appearance is fashionable, and it’s easy and effortless to go out with luggage!

Add fingerprint unlock, external USB charging port and eye-catching LED lights!

It breaks the traditional baggage restraint by adding more functional elements, automatic follow-up, app remote, fingerprint unlock, intelligent obstacle avoidance, anti-loose reminder, USB peripheral memory and so on. Automatically follow the UWB radio frequency Ultrawideband technology, precise positioning with high precision positioning, the fastest speed is 6km/h ..

Electric Smart Follow Luggage USB External Charging Port20 Inch Fingerprint Unlock Travel Boarding Suitcase

Box size: 381*533*246mm, the size of the box is designed according to the size of the boarding machine. It can be taken directly to the plane through security inspection. When passing the security check, please take out the battery directly, it can be used as a charging treasure. Removable battery, the appearance is similar to a charging treasure, beautiful and portable and more practical.

Function: waterproof, anti-theft, wear-resistant, lightning, entry into the chassis
Package internal structure: ID pocket, mobile phone pocket, laminated zip pocket, zip pocket, computer bag, camera bag
Usable gifts: Employee services, award ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, fairs, celebrations, birthdays, travel presents, business gifts.


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