dynotag Web/GPS Medical/Emergency Info Deluxe Steel Pendant and Chain

Dynotag Web Enabled Smart Military Style Medical ID/Emergency Information Steel Pendant & Chain Set, with DynoIQ & Lifetime Service.

Dynotags contain no GPS, battery, electronics or radio – they use the electronics of the device viewing the tag to find its location at the time of view. Our advanced Dynotag Cloud Service (DCS) functions as the “brain” of your dynotag, working 7/24.

A dynotag is a Web-enabled, GPS assisted QR Smart Tag that can be read using a smartphone or any modern web browser on any computer or smartphone.

When someone views your dynotag – its location, if present, is added as a clickable link to open on Google maps and you are notified with an email.

  • Specially manufactured, light, yet visible and strong weatherproof / waterproof stainless steel tag and 24″ stainless steel chain – ready for immediate use
  • Developed in cooperation with police and emergency response specialists
  • Document templates and sample tags contents are provided

Dynotag is a consumer technology company based in Seattle, WA. Dynotag offers consumers and businesses instant-on global solutions based on its patented Web Enabled Smart Tag technology. Offerings include ready-to-use retail merchandise as well as a set of partner programs enabling manufacturers and resellers to embed Dynotag technology into their products.


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