Dye Precision Attack Pack 4+7 Paintball Pro Harness

Dye Precision Attack Pack 4+7 Paintball Pro Harness

The Attack Pack Pro is a perfect example of progression with design. It’s light, flexible, vented and comfortable. Moreover it compresses in size with each pod you remove resulting in a perfect combination of versatility and compact size. The Attack Pack Pro can hold a range of pods, from 4 all the way up to 11. Depending on how many you use, the harness conforms to what is needed. Continuously self-adjusting to help maintain the lowest profile. The belt system is now made of woven vented-fiber memory elastic. It retracts neatly into the harness, again helping to maintain the lowest profile possible. The complete list of features is quite extensive. We couldn’t help it. We had to describe the most important highlights we thought you’d want to know about. The Attack Pack Pro was specifically engineered to work with a range of pods. With the variety of today’s games, from Xball to 5 man, 7 man, and even 10 man, the amount of pods needed is ever-changing.

Why have 4 different harnesses when you really only need one? The Attack Pack Pro eliminates large, excessive harnesses by compressing with each pod removed. This allows you to maintain the lowest profile possible, helping to keep you in the game longer. 55 MPH VELCRO Velcro so strong it will hold up in 55mph winds, or 55mph worth of pressure tugging on it when you dive or slide. It all makes sense now. We’ve added a compression form design to the ends, just to make it look better.

  • Memory Elastic and Rubber Traction keep the Attack Harness in place during intense movement across all terrain.
  • Unique webbing system holds up to 11 pods but reduces its profile as each is removed to eliminate bulkiness.
  • 55 MPH Rated Velcro ensures that your pods and harness belt don’t come unseated and stay readily available and comfortable for quick, easy access.
  • One size fits most harness belt. Four way adjustable straps ensure a snug or loose fit depending on your personal preference. Simply fasten the belt, then overlay the adjustment straps on top of the belt for a truly customizable fit that goes unnoticed during gameplay.
  • Proven in World Championships across the globe for 10+ years. **Pods pictured are sold separately**


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