Delicate Liner Tattoo Machine by Vlad Blad

Delicate (Fine) Liner Coil Limited Edition Tattoo Machine by Vlad Blad — Brand and Logo Design

Russian manufacturer Vlad Blad offers some of the most eclectic, high-quality tattoo equipment on the market. Their tattoo machines come in all configurations to meet the needs of varied artists around the globe.

This Delicate Liner Tattoo Machine is specifically designed for executing the finest, single-pass lines, and is most suitable for delicate work such as thin lashes, strands of hair, dotwork, and other subtle, intricate features. It features a sharp hit on the end of its amplitude, and an armature bar with inertia that helps to avoid ink blowouts for efficient procedures.

This coil machine has a remarkably lightweight black steel Wolf frame. Its coils feature the Vlad Blad logo icon, and a design reminiscent of Louis Vuitton. Overall, the machine has a look that is sure to leave an impression as lasting as a tattoo.


Limited edition machineSteel constructionCompatible with liner needles in sizes 3–9Ideal for extremely fine line workBlack Wolf frame and Vlad Blad logo design


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