Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ GPS Portable Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder for Shore and Ice Fishing

The Highest Spec Castable Sonar Ever

The Deeper PRO+ is simply the most powerful castable sonar ever – it casts further and scans deeper. But what really sets the PRO+ apart is its integrated GPS. Now you can map any water you fish from the shore – just cast out your PRO+, reel it in, and see detailed depth data added to your map in real time. And of course you can use it for trolling and ice fishing. Powerful and versatile, the PRO+ will help you make every cast count.

The Multi-Purpose Deeper App

Thanks to its WiFi connection, the PRO+ can send huge amounts of detailed data direct to your smartphone or tablet. And the Deeper App has been designed to convert that data into easy-to-analyse information for anglers of all levels.

Deeper Smart sonar Pro+ is a wireless, cast able echo-sounder compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Wi-Fi connection enabled to maximize both the distance between the Deeper Smart sonar Pro+ and the device, reaching casting range up to 330ft/100 M and the depth range up to 260ft/80 M. Advanced high-frequency technology enables the Deeper Smart sonar Pro+ to quickly transfer more accurate data.

The higher scanning frequency allows the device to capture faster moving objects and the scanning resolution measures smallest of objects – all to deliver the highest quality echo-sounder data available in a single, compact wireless unit. The onshore GPS mode enables Deeper Smart sonar Pro+ to produce bathymetric – bottom contour maps, while onshore or off. This advanced bathymetric technology allows users to gather and process bottom contour data while fishing from the dock, bridge, shore, kayak, float tube, boat – and even while wading in the stream – all at a distance of up to 330ft/100 M away from the Deeper Smart sonar Pro+.

This breakthrough technology enables users to gain a complete knowledge of the entire bottom contour of the water body in any fishing condition. The Deeper Smart sonar Pro+ is the most valuable addition to your fishing gear. It is designed to scan the entire water column and mark fish, measure depth, temperature, bottom structure, vegetation and other valuable data points that are essential for productive fishing – then stream that information instantaneously to your smartphone or tablet. The Deeper app offers advanced features such as real time mapping, unlimited data history and ice fishing mode to make your Deeper Smart sonar Pro+ useful for all fishing conditions.


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