This luxurious nest-like bed will quickly become your cat’s favorite resting spot. Its modern design combines luxuriously soft fabric with a classic, clean-lined geometric wood form. The round walls of its natural wood frame offer gentle, comforting support for your cat’s body and fits felines of all shapes and sizes. Adding to this blissfully soothing experience is an ultra-soft pillow.

MiaCara Anello

Cat beds are your cat’s home base and sanctuary – cozy, comfortable, and visually appealing. Our beds are stylish enough to make sense as furniture for your home. 

2 colors: MiaCara Covo

The award-winning Geobed is as innovative as it is practical. Your cat can be the owner of a piece of designer furniture with this special piece. It’s preassembled, geometric form is made of individually joined birch plywood triangles protected with a water-based varnish. The protective walls block out the world enough that your cat feels safe and hidden. A natural sheepskin provides the perfect material for nesting upon and kneading.

Includes faux-fur blanket.

Sakana Fish Bed

Birchwood slats create a dynamic fish shape with a modern twist for this cat bed. This wooden cat bed features a rounded shape with curved edges for contemporary furniture look. A pillow or cushion fits snugly inside this bed for cats to lounge and sleep on. The partially enclosed space gives cats a sense of security.

Includes red cushion.


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