Brite Strike APALS-RED All Purpose Adhesive Light Strips

The next generation replacement for Chemical Light Sticks!

The All Purpose Adhesive Light Strip (APALS) with LED light strip, was designed by military operators searching for a low cost, ultra reliable, long lasting combat identifier. Completely submersible and dustproof, the hermetically sealed APALS are intended for use in the worst possible conditions, from the searing heat of the desert to the frigid waters of the harshest seas.

About the size of a band-aid and as thick as a credit card with a heavy-duty adhesive back that holds tight to any surface wet or dry, the ultra-visible APALS will go anywhere you go. Other applications for our APALS include hunting (trail, ATV and tree stand marking), low level light for blood trail tracking, camping, search and rescue, safety light for low or no-light situations, industrial safety applications, school colors for fundraising opportunities, placement on your dog’s collar when walking during evening hours, placement on your bike helmet, running shoes or skateboard for better visibility during day or nighttime hours, placement on your motorcycle or motorcycle helmet/clothing for visible riding, placement on your child’s Halloween costume so that they are sure to be seen and safe, kept in your car glove compartment in case of emergency or break down situations. Our pink APALS were specifically designed with breast cancer fundraising and awareness in mind.

While the All Purpose Adhesive Light Strip was originally developed for military and law enforcement, the other applications are numerous and only limited by your imagination.

With the ability to change the light mode from fast strobe, low strobe, steady on and off with a simple click of the colored button, the APALS can be used over and over.

Just peel off the adhesive backing and stick where you need it most. As a general guideline – we have changed the APALS from tree to tree, placing the APALS directly on the bark (one of the harshest surfaces) about 4 times before it started to lose its effectiveness. With 35 + hours of lighted time, the APALS is a great value.


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