Bottega – Spumante Venezia D.O.C. Brut – White Gold Edition – Luxury Limited Edition Prosecco

Bottega White Gold is a Venezia DOC wine obtained from the vinification of Glera, Chardonnay and Pinot grapes. With its great character, this Brut sparkling wine is fresh and elegant, representing an expression of the territory where grapes are grown, among the provinces of Treviso and Venice.

Bottega White Gold – Spumante Venezia D.O.C. Brut – White Gold Edition – Luxury Limited Edition Prosecco

Production Area

Provinces of Treviso and Venice, Italy


Glera, Chardonnay, Pinot

Plants for Hectare

2500 – 3000

Breeding System




Yield per Hectare

140 q / Ha

Features – Production Area

DOC Venezia area ranges from the foothills in the Province of Treviso to the Adriatic Sea in the Province of Venice, namely from Conegliano hills to Caorle lagoon.

Thanks to the protection of the Dolomites in the North and to the proximity with sea and lagoon, it is characterized by a temperate-humid climate.

The soil is made of alluvial material originated from Alpine and pre-Alpine glacier melting and carried by Piave and Livenza rivers.

In the high plain, the high concentration of pebbles and gravel results in a light, draining soil with moderate fertility, creating ideal conditions for viticulture. This area originates the high quality grapes used to produce this sparkling wine.


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