Bottega Senatore – Mocassino – Smooth – Italian Handmade Man Shoes – High Quality Leather Shoes

Velio, the perfect moccasins for the refined gentleman. Thanks to the suede calf leather and its heat-sealed leather sole and its Testa di Moro brown, this footwear is excellent for important events and ceremonies. Its color is easy to combine with dark clothes like black and blue. Break paradigms with Velio!

Bottega Senatore – When The Quality Talks Itself

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Bottega Senatore is a company that combines the professionalism of several collaborators with the forty years experience of a group of Italian Footwear Artisan Masters. The founder is Daniel Porcello, a young entrepreneur born in 1979 born in Genoa in Italy and raised up to the age of 32 in Albenga, in the beautiful Liguria, with a professional background developed in the shipping sector. For years he worked at an Italian shipping company and since 2012 he lives in Switzerland with his family.

Velio – High Quality Smooth Mocassino Italian Shoes


Suede leather


Dark brown


Fine leather


Heat sealed


Made in Italy


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