Portable Wearable Ring QR Bluetooth Wireless Barcode Scanner 1d 2D Mini Bar Code Reader Support Scan PDF417 Data Matrix

This new ring scanner is a Powerful new generation mini barcode scanner with small size and charming appearance. It is designed for Kommissionierung and organisation Use, Allow your operator, with your free hand and improvement of industrial Efficiency In Your warehouse, distribution centre, and retail channels. You never need to an element to check Paper or collections from handheld scanners of order. Operator’s No
Need to heavy duty package on the desktop for scan to lay, it becomes more
Save time and the physical force. Compared with general Verdrahtetem
Hand Scanner, it can make 10% -30% increase productivity.

  • Portable Bluetooth Barcode Scanner supports scan QR, PDF417, data Matrix, also support scan 1D barcode scanner.
  • Place the QR Scanner up to 30 feet (10 feet) away from the computer, and you can increase the productivity with by wearing for workers to allow for to contact the task.
  • Three scanning modes: continually pumps mode, manual mode, auto close mode.
  • Support Window XP/7.0/8.0/10/WinCE, Windows Mobile, Androides OS, iPhone/iPad etc.
  • Built-in 512 K memory can store more than thousands barcodes.


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