Cat trees serve a variety of purposes from rest to play. They can be a jungle gym, a lookout perch, a scratching post, a hiding cubby, or a lounging bed, depending on your cat’s needs and the design you choose.

MiaCara Torre
2 colors: MiaCara Volto
2 colors: MiaCara Albergo
3 colors: Sphere
4 colors: Cube

Your cat will love having a dedicated place in your home to make its own. You’ll love giving your cat a safe and fun outlet for its energy, on furniture built to take a beating.

Our cat trees come in a variety of designs to complement your living space, and are among the most straightforward on the market to assemble.

Hoiru Cat Wheel

Traditional design and modern style come together seamlessly in this elegant structure, perfect for your discerning cat. This elegantly simple structure compliments minimalist interiors, and can also be used outdoors thanks to a waterproof coating. Made of plywood panels which slide into a black aluminum frame, this functional hideaway for cats will also please design lovers. Two playful round windows at the back provide a view as well as ventilation. This minimal design is set to be a new classic.

2 wood colors: Designer Room

European product design award winner. Combines minimilastic design with architectural design principles!


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