B Wilde Collection – Your Dog Deserves a Treat!

We are bringing our love for creativity and quality together with our devotion towards our furry friends in a unique proposition B.WILDE: a lovable lifestyle brand for dogs with personality who deserve the best of the best when it comes to their basic kit.

245,00 € https://avvenice.com/en/collars/13012-b-wilde-collection-set-cairo-collar-leash-cairo-collection-leather-collar-high-quality-luxury.html?ref=1715

220,00 € https://avvenice.com/en/collars/12990-b-wilde-collection-set-cabo-collar-leash-turquoise-cabo-collection-leather-collar-high-quality-luxury.html?ref=1715

490,00 € https://avvenice.com/en/leash/12980-b-wilde-collection-coco-leash-coco-collection-crocodile-leash-high-quality-luxury.html?ref=1715

105,00 € https://avvenice.com/en/collars/12991-b-wilde-collection-cabo-collar-pink-cabo-collection-leather-collar-high-quality-luxury.html?ref=1715
249 € https://avvenice.com/en/collars/13012-b-wilde-collection-set-cairo-collar-leash-cairo-collection-leather-collar-high-quality-luxury.html?ref=1715

105,00 € https://avvenice.com/en/collars/13000-b-wilde-collection-sparky-collar-sparky-collection-leather-collar-high-quality-luxury.html?ref=1715

135,00 € https://avvenice.com/en/collars/13010-b-wilde-collection-cairo-collar-cairo-collection-leather-collar-high-quality-luxury.html?ref=1715

105,00 € https://avvenice.com/en/collars/13000-b-wilde-collection-sparky-collar-sparky-collection-leather-collar-high-quality-luxury.html?ref=1715

Choose Your B Wilde Collection for Your Dog!

Genuine leather decorated with pink cabochons. B.WILDE name tag. Personalised on request. Silver or antique gold hardware.

The unique and resistant leather selected for this collection makes for a beautiful and individual product that will stand the test of time.


100 % Italian genuine leather

Handmade in Italy

Matching leash available

Style with a bag dispenser of your choice


We kindly remind our customers that photo is for reference only. Each skin and pattern is different due to natural characteristics of the leather.


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