AeroGarden Farm Plus Smart Hydroponic Garden lets you grow all year long!

Grow fresh herbs and vegetables all year round with the AeroGarden Farm Plus Smart Hydroponic Garden

Utilizing Wi-Fi connectivity, this garden system offers a modern way to grow fresh produce inside your home. With its soil-free design, the Farm Plus uses water to grow herbs and veggies in a natural way. Likewise, it grows five times faster than soil and is also a cleaner alternative as well.

In addition, the smart hydroponic garden offers 60W of dual LED power to increase growth. Complete with independently adjustable lights, it allows you to grow plants of different heights next to each other in the same garden. Unlike countertop gardens, the Farm Plus’ stylish and sleek design make it suitable for any space. Complete with multiple pre-seeded pots, the Farm Plus comes with a Salad Bar Seed Pod Kit that includes herbs, greens, and tomatoes. me is good, then MORE is better!

With AeroGarden Farm Plus, get more of what you love from the newest member of our smart garden family.

MORE pods. MORE yield. MORE fresh & flavor packed herbs and vegetables all year ‘round, and even MORE variety than ever before!


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