2019 Volkl Ski Guide!

Völkl’s 2019 lineup is looking good. For the 2019 season Völkl has added a bunch of new skis to the lineup and refined some of their technology to give you products that suit your needs even better. Völkl has always been an industry leader as a result of their technological innovations and overall product quality. They continue that trend into 2019 with a few key models getting construction and design overhauls. Let’s take a look the majority of skis Völkl has to offer for 2019.

Volkl RTM 81 Skis W/IPT WR XL 12 TCX GW Orange/Blk/Or Bindings 2019 177

The RTM 81 is part of Volkl’s collection of slightly-wider-than-traditional carving skis. While the 81 isn’t the top of the line ski, it still benefits from top of the line construction like Volkl’s 3D.Ridge and 3D.Glass techniques. The ridge in the 81 is made from steel, which is somewhat common in the RTM line. Steel provides a very smooth, natural flex pattern and is a little more user-friendly than the titanium found in the RTM 86. Just because it’s not sitting at the top of the line, however, doesn’t mean its lacking in performance judging by the feedback from our testers.

The 2019 Volkl RTM 81 skis with bindings is a great setup for front-side enthusiasts who love to carve sweet and smooth turns all day long. Do not misinterpret this ski as the third-best performer in the RTM line, it is a total beast. With a wood core and dual steel laminates, the skis are super damp but not sluggish. The steel gives a unique feel that a lot of skiers really like. Volkl’s 3D Ridge technology places more mass in the center of the ski so that the swing weight is reduced, ensuring a quick edge to edge sensation. As a result, you’ll get amazingly quick and damp turns without the bulk and heft of a race ski. With tip and tail rocker, initiating turns is a total snap while the tail rocker allows the skier to dictate turn shape and duration.

 The Volkl RTM 81 always tops the charts on being a powerful ski that packs a strong punch for the strong intermediate to expert skier on the frontside of the mountain. Volkl’s 3D Glass Construction adds glass in the tip and tail, behind the sidewalls and underneath the binding platform to deliver a strong, yet smooth flex, fantastic edge hold and more responsiveness. The 3D Ridge Construction uses a thinner sidewall with a thicker channel that runs down the center of the ski that lowers the swingweight and increases maneuverability. Volkl’s 3D Ridge Core is made from wood, and is Powered by Steel to add a stable and damp feeling that knows no speed limit. Rocker in the tip and tail only add to the quick entry and fast exit of each turn you make.

If you are looking for a powerful frontside ski that offers high end performance, without the price of the most expensive carving skis out there, the Volkl RTM 81 is a great ski for you.

  • 3D Ridge
  • 3D Glass
  • Powered by Steel
  • Full 3D Sidewall
  • P-Tex 2100 Base
  • XTD Tip and Tail Rocker
  • 3122g w/Binding (@177cm)


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