New release Holo65S with Four-axil design + HD (1080*1080px) + Powerful WiFi + Upload by APP + High transfer speed + 724 LED beads + free 3d video library + larger size (25.6inch) + 30% brightnees.Actually, Holo65S has reached the vsn technical limit.

GIWOX HOLOGRAM FAMILY – We just sold genuine,stable, high quality 3d led fan

Actually,Holo65S is the most perfect hologram fans . Holo65S is best for exhibitions, large venues with high requirements for product display.

1. High resolution 1080P.

1080P is the highest resolution in the market now,other model is 450p,512p,640p and 720p. If you are looking for HD image quality, Holo65s is your best choice.

2. Four-axil design.

Four blade is the tend of holograms, minimizes the ring grain effect and vibration.There are more space to install the LED beads. The resolution is determined by the quantity of beads,rotating speed and led beads quality.

3. APP and PC software.

Holo65s and Holo50s APP and software works very great, support IOS and Android,all the operations are done by APP, ON/OFF, Uploading, Adjust brightness and view angle,control the playlist,cut the video.

4. High transfer speed.

Holo65S play MP4 directly, no need convert into bin format. 0-50M needs 5-45s, 50-100M needs 45-90s.Holo65s can connect to the PC software and control by PC.

5. Free 800pcs 3D video library.

We have sold on amazon for one year, we have encountered various problems,so i start to collecting 3D video and built a 3D video library free for my customer by “google drive”.As we have 12 hour-time difference,I usually reply within 10 hours,won’t exceed 24 hour. Please understanding.

6. Larger size

Eye-catching black tech product,The Large size 25.6inch,1080P HD 3D effect is far more shocking than other models.


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